Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Genie in the Lamp

A week ago the lamp went out in our projection TV and my husband has yet to replace it.  This TV is located in the family room, basically the central area for all thing digital. The boys Wii, Netflix and our DVD player relies on this TV.  On most days, mommy relies on this TV to be a babysitter when my day isn't going as planned.

What my husband and I have noticed is that when all things digital are cut off the creative side in my boys begins to reappear. Mind you they are normally creative but they become extra creative.  I am now able to go to McDonald's which is located in the boys room, Burger King which is located in the play room and a Sweet Shop which is located in the play room.  The best part about all these new fast food places that I have access to is that all the food is calorie and fat free which works great for my eating plan.  This will be the first time that I can eat all I want and I don't have to worry.  In addition to that, I know the owners so I get all the food for free.

What do your kids create when they are forced, I mean inspired to?


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