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When I decided to start blogging I didn't know a lot about this whole new world. Reading blogs, writing blogs and especially navigating through them can be confusing. So I figured there was at least one person out there like me who felt the same way. That's actually my general thought about everything. No matter what I think, do or say, I believe there is someone else who has already thought it, done it or said it. So I decided to create a guide if you will for my blog. So to that someone, here you go:

"Home" Tab - this tab will always have my most recent posts; for pasts post you would need to go to the left side of the page and use "Archives" or to look for something specific you can use "Search"

"About Me" Tab - this tab does just what it says, it tells you about me in a nutshell

"About My Blog" Tab - you are here now lol

"The Visual Verse" Tab - this tab is a listing of all the Visual Verses that I have done; I love these because it is like a very simple devotion that you can read and reflect on.  It contains a Bible verse and how God spoke to me through it.  I hope that it will speak to you.

Topics - this is where you will find the topics that I write about which are the main focus for my blog. More information on each category is noted below.  You can also subscribe to a particular topic to receive anything I post on it. These topics are in alphabetical order not order of importance although I do love to eat.
  • All Things Food - one of my passions is food; whether I am cooking it or eating it I will post about it. I love trying new recipes but I don't get a chance to do so that often. I live it a house with men who are reluctant to try new things.  I hope to one day change their minds.  Here I will share my adventures in the kitchen which will sometimes include my boys. Any posts that contain them may also be able to be found under the topic of "Being a Mom". I will also share my recipes here. Some you will like and some you won't. If you only like certain things about a recipe then keep those things and add others to make it your own. That is what I usually do.
  • Being a Mom - my posts here will simply be about my life as a mom. All the ups and downs, successes and failures. It is my hope that my posts will help to encourage you on your journey of motherhood. It can be challenging at times but I would never give it up. I want to make you laugh and I want you to know that you are never alone in what you go through. If you think you are alone in something, send me a comment and I will find someone who has dealt with the same thing.
  • Devotionals - my goal here is to write devotionals as often as the Lord places them on my heart. I hope to write one for you to read daily but for now I will be in prayer about doing one at least every week. I hope that the writings will be a blessing to you and draw you closer to the Lord.
  • Homeschooling - although homeschooling my boys could fall under the "Being a Mom topic, it is it's own separate area. When I put on my teacher's hat I try to remember that life in that moment is no longer about me. It is about giving my boys an education. It is about insuring that they have what they need regardless of how I am feeling that day or that second. Some days are easier than others. I am learning to give myself and my boys a break when we need it just to breathe and decompress. I will share with you what's working and what isn't. I will also have links to sites we use that the boys have found to be fun. Everyone has their own method of homeschooling so keep that in mind if you are considering it. If you have a question, send me a comment and I will try to answer it for you.
  • Married Life - my posts here will be what I have learned in the past about marriage that I think would be good to share with you as well as what I learn from day to day. I hope that I help you to see that marriage can work but you have to work at it. It may often feel as if you are working at it alone, but there are always two sides to every story.
  • My Faith - my relationship with Christ is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I almost put that it was one of the best things but as I wrote that I realized that I would not be who I am or have what I have if it were not for my relationship with Christ. My faith drew my husband to me and my faith has gotten me through moments of depression. I will share how I came to know Christ, where I went wrong, how I came back to Him, where I am now and how I am doing each day. I will share the struggles that I have in my Christian walk as well as what I have found that works.
Connect - you can click onto one of the links here if you want to connect with me

Archives - like I said earlier, here is where you will find past posts. You will notice that they are found according to the month/years they were written

Search - this to me is like having an easy button; if you want to find something without looking through all the posts you can just go here

All right, that's it. I am glad you are taking this journey with me. Hope to see you at the end!

To that someone who found this guide helpful I say, (with a smile and a nod),"you are welcome".

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