Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updated: Life Unedited: Parenting

I have never written a post where I just write.  I am always trying to make sure the grammar is correct and that everything flows and makes sense.  Although those things are important, there are times when I want you to just know me without the editing.  I have decided to do that from time to time. I think I will call it, "Life Unedited" and follow that with a simple label like you see in this post.  These posts will be spur of the moment, "this thought just crossed my mind" or "this situation just happened", kind of posts.  I am nervous but also looking forward to doing this; because to me, just putting yourself out there at times "unedited", is what it's all about.

So here goes:

Do you ever feel like you don't know how to do this whole parenting thing?  I mean just when you think you have it all figured out something happens that make you realize that you don't.

I feel like I can never make my middle son happy.  He seems to always want to do the opposite of what his brothers are doing so he feels no one wants to play with him.

A minute ago we were having snacks and he decides to check to see which plum he wanted by removing some of the peeling, apparently the ones with the dark flesh are better.  Once he found that one he gave us all the other ones.  I made him give his away to one of his brothers which of course brought tears.  Earlier he was bothered because he didn't have anything to do and wouldn't take any of my suggestions.  I can't win with him and I don't know what to do.

I know that my kids won't always be happy but he seems to always be unhappy for one reason or another.  I just can't figure him out. Lord, help me.



I realized after I relaxed a little bit that the above post may not get the point across that I was trying to make.  I was reminded of the scripture that says, "Everything that is permissible is not beneficial".  Although speaking 100% freely is okay, without adding how to resolve the situation leaves this post benefiting no one. My overall goal in writing is to let mothers know that they are not alone in how they feel and in the situations that they come across.  In addition to that I want to also be able to help moms become better and encourage them on their journey.

I realized that the above post told you that you were not alone, but it gave no encouragement nor did it say what to do when you get overwhelmed in this case or others that are similar.  Therefore, it was not beneficial.  I also realize that if my son were to read this, he would feel as if he is a problem and he isn't.  I love the fact that he is different and I never want him to go along with the crowd just for the sake of being with someone.  To me this shows that he will be a great leader one day.

Here is the benefit that I want to offer.  When you have a moment where you feel like you just don't get your kid stop and really think about who they are and you will realize that you do get them.  Embrace their differences and what makes them who they are and show them how to fully be all that they can be.


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  1. This was a great post for me to read considerin I feel this way many days... am I doing the right thing? Will sum of my parenting ways affect his adult life? thanks for lettin me kno dat I won't need to go out and buy "parenting for dummies". ...... ambrosia