Saturday, August 11, 2012

Walking the Walk

If you have seen my latest status updates on Facebook then you have noticed that I mentioned using a DVD to walk mile after mile in my home.  The DVD I refer to is one of many by Leslie Sansone in her "Walk at Home" collection.

I first used this DVD in the earlier part of the year, and although I enjoyed it I didn't stick with it. I wasn't focused at the time on being committed to my health, but that all changed.

As you may recall, in June of this year I decided to make some permanent life changes to help improve my overall health. In addition to making better food choices, I also began exercising at least 5 times a week.

I was doing 30min on the treadmill when my husband suggested that maybe I do some aerobics to help change things up a bit for me.  After going back to my old DVDs, I realized that I was no longer interested in them.  This led me to giving Leslie's DVDs another try.  My goal was to purchase one so I decided to borrow some from the library and see which one I liked.  I am still in the process of making a final decision since I have about 9 on hold that I still want to try, but so far my favorite is "The Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan".

Almost all of the routines on her DVDs use 4 moves: high knees, side steps, kicks and of course walking.  She throws in some other moves as well and picks up the pace.  I find them to be a fun and different way to walk.  I also love that she does mile markers which allow you to stop or keep going.

The DVD that I mention above allows you to create your own workout and she even includes some simple strengthening exercises.  I didn't find the strengthening exercises that challenging so I used another DVD for those by Denise Austin.

While I continue to search, I am enjoying the variety and it is keeping motivated to walk each day.  Who knows, I may continue to borrow them from the library even if I invest in one just to keep things interesting.


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  1. I really enjoy the workout videos from "The Biggest Loser" too. And I have some you could borrow to try out if you'd like!