Monday, August 13, 2012

No Time Like the Present

Have you ever said that this year would be the year you read though the entire bible? Then months pass by and you still haven't started, so you plan to wait until the beginning following year.

Well I would like to challenge you to do what I did the other day, start now.  Don't wait for January to roll around again to start.

If reading the entire bible is something you want to do, then start today.  I simply set up a reading plan through YouVersion and I was on my way.  If you are not familiar with the way it works, here is what you do: go to the site, just choose a plan from the ones available and it sets up a calendar for you.  If you miss a day, just click "catch me up" and you are back on track.  

The plan I chose is the Discipleship Journals Book at a Time .  I chose this plan because many of the other plans mix up your reading between different books in the bible and I personally don't like that.  Choose what you like by looking at samples of each one.  The key is to just start doing it.

Let me also say that although reading through the entire bible in a year is a nice goal to have, don't pursue it just to say that you did it.  This was honestly my first reason for wanting to do it, but I realized that this reason alone would not keep me doing it.    

I want to truly know God and I know that the way to do that is through reading His word.  I prayed and asked Him to change my focus.  So, I now have a new desire for wanting to do it.  Additionally, my prayer is that God will continue to use me to share with you what I learn through the time I spend with Him, reading His word.

I am ready for time spent with God to become a daily habit.  Will you join me?


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