Sunday, May 13, 2012

Even Though She is Gone

I can’t believe that she is gone and it’s easy for people to say that I will carry on. They even attempt to say that You knew best.
They say it was in Your plan and that they know what I am going through. Many even say that they understand.
Well why is it that I can’t find peace and although I try, I can’t find rest.
What is Your reason for what I am going through? What is the purpose of this test?
When I think about what wasn’t said and all that I should have done.
I think about all the time we could have spent together each time I see the sun.
I can’t help but think that I should have been there when she needed me,
to hold her hand or just sit and talk; God I often feel guilty.

Ease you mind my child. Eventually it will be okay. Don’t think about what you could have or should have done. Don’t think about what you didn’t say.
It’s okay to cry at times and grieve if you must. But continue to rely on Me as you were taught and in Me put your trust.
I am here for you, even though you can’t see. Feel me with your heart and know that I can be; all that you need, I can be your friend. You can talk to me when you are hurting. On Me you can depend.
Though your mother is gone and physically out of your sight,
you can still talk to her as you always have and it will be alright.
Tell her about every new experience and each new exciting thing that you would normally share. For although you can’t see her, she sees you; and just like me, she will always be there. I love you!


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